Financial mistakes every Teen must avoid making


Let me be brief with this by going straight to the point to enumerate the financial mistakes every teen must learn to avoid. Please be money-wise. Avoid these- 1. NOT ENSURING TO BECOME FINANCIALLY LITERATE 2. FORGETTING TO BUDGET 3. FAILURE SAVING AN EMERGENCY FUND 4. BUYING NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME 5. RELYING ON [...]

Teens! Here are some Career Truths no Teacher will teach you in School

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Clearly speaking, the education system in most countries (specifically in Nigeria) is full of deceits. It does not only equip students with the necessary skills they need to be efficient in their future career, but also fails to inform them of such deficiencies. Instead, schools are determined to churn out a bunch of students into [...]

Tough Truth about Leadership nobody tells Teenagers

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Here is to reiterate a stance I hold so dearly, a universal truth for that matter; and that is the fact that leadership is an indispensable skill for those who desire to be successful. That is why all of us here at make it our mission to constantly communicate the importance of acquiring the [...]

Inculcating Leadership Skills in Teens: What Schools must do

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Some people may be born leaders, but a lot of training go into making them become the best they could be. In the same vein, some are not born leaders, but can be trained to lead. In a world where the ability to effectively and efficiently lead others and oneself is a necessary  skill to [...]

Entrepreneurship 101: The basic Things every Teen should know

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There is a pressing need to encourage teenagers to embrace entrepreneurship, especially now.  This is the viewpoint that is held by so many people and for good reasons too. After all, all of the multinational companies we have today were once startups, founded by people with zeal and burning entrepreneurial spirits who wanted to do [...]

Some important Financial Advice Parents must give their Teens

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In a world where even teenagers can become millionaires and successfully manage their financial resources if they so please, there are no justifiable reasons why parents should not teach their teens to become money wise. Therefore, teaching teens financial literacy is something that should start early in every teen’s life, made possible by their parents [...]

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